Girls have bellybuttons

Sure, we’ll go with “bellybuttons.”

When you use Quippsy to remember all the great quotes from your kids, you can post them directly to your Facebook page. And after you share them with your friends on Facebook, Quippsy has the ability to turn them all into an e-book for you to bind and cherish forever. This is why we’re addicted to Quippsy!

Can kids actually forget they have toys?

Well, that would just be terrible, wouldn’t it? Maybe he’ll just clean forget he has any toys at all. Uh huh, the chances of that are about as good as the boogie monster crawling out from under the bed…

This is an example of a very cute kid quote. Have you been writing down everything your kids say so you can keep those memories forever? If not, the time to start is now! And the place to be is Quippsy. Join our little party today!

Kids say the darndest, most psychotic things

A tip for anyone in this little girl’s class: if she asks you if you like her, you say yes.

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Mom, please don’t shrink me!

hot bath

Remember this, moms and dads, next time you’re running the bath…

See, this is the kind of things our kids say all the time. We want to remember it all, and be able to laugh about it later in life, which is another reason we are addicted to Quippsy! No time? Not an excuse. Check out the posting service for the busy parent.

Sorry, you’ll have to consult Facebook for that

It’s hard to believe these two are actually conversing….and not just texting each other from across the room!

Facebook is OK for writing down the funny things your kids say, but we all agree…Quippsy is better! Here we can establish a community of friends who love hearing all the great stuff each other’s kids say–and we can even quote each other’s kids. Why not give it a whirl?