Tales to Warm the Heart—The prickly head

Source: ibtimes.com

Source: ibtimes.com

This story was sent in by Melanie from South Africa. Her blog can be found at Momohyeah. [Submit your own]

“Dad, don’t kiss me! Your beard prickles.”

Ever since he could talk, this was the mantra of our three-year-old son, Andy. Of course, my husband is absolutely in love with him, so he would do anything to make him happy. And recently, that included reluctantly removing the stubble from his face.

Now, Andy has a love-hate relationship with hair—likes beards, hates stubble. Likes spraying his hair green and blue, then wants to chop it all off. And he really, really likes to copy his dad’s every move. So you can imagine that when Father Christmas brought him a toy shaver that year, well, it was like gold had rained down on a beggar.

One Friday night, Andy and I were playing barber shop. He was thoroughly enjoying pretending to shave my hair off, then his dad’s, then sitting while dad “shaved” his hair off.

But the next morning, Dad walked into the kitchen and asked Andy, “How would you like to play barber shop for real today?”

“Oh boy!” Andy shrieked, the sparkle in his eyes so bright I thought they had been replaced by diamonds. I knew this couldn’t end well, but off he dashed to get the real electric razor, then sat begging his dad to plug it in.

Here I’d like to mention that my husband is very particular about the way is head gets shaved. He complains that his barber is constantly pulling his hair. So already this wasn’t looking good—thinking that a three-year-old could do it without tugging on a few locks?

But hubby sat down anyway, and waited for the buzzing to begin. To my shock, Andy proceeded to shave off every single strand of his dad’s hair without pulling even one. He did an absolutely superb job.

Then Andy handed his dad the razor and said it was his turn. I cringed. Andy’s hair had just started to grow in nicely after being bald the first two years of his life. Now the second he could feel the wind blow through it he wanted to shave it all off? But it was his head, and he seemed to know what he wanted, so I told my husband to go ahead and do it. All his hair was gone in two minutes, and my heart was bleeding, but when Andy looked in the mirror, he couldn’t help but grin ear to ear.

And as he sat rubbing his hand across his head from top to bottom and side to side, Andy announced with pride: “Mom, my head has a beard now!”

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