18 thoughts on “Second-best teacher ever!

  1. This is so cute! They will indeed tell you the brutal truth 🙂 I used to teach kindergarten and I thought it was so funny when they told me I was “their favorite teacher ever!” Being their ONLY teacher ever definitely gave me a leg up in that contest!

  2. With the older kids, I say, “Oh, you say that to ALL the teachers…” I did have a six grader say last year, “You must be a really good teacher. I wasn’t bored once today!”

  3. My seven yr. old second graders often said, “You’re the best teacher I ever had.” My thoughts: So, I beat out one or two teachers! [Still an ADORABLE compliment!!!]
    Thanks for following my blog.

  4. My daughter told her 4th grade teacher: I like your new dyed hair! The teacher tried to ignore her, so she repeated it louder.

    Thanks for the follow! You are absolutely right—parents/teachers should write down funny things because the day will come when they are lost in our memories.

  5. Thank you for following my blog. I’m glad you did because it brought me to yours. I wish there was a like button beside the comments posted beneath your article, “Second-best Teacher Ever!”
    I enjoyed reading your article and the coinciding comments are darling–brings back lovely memories of my children when they were small and the funny things they’d say.

  6. Love this, my 9 year old has no tact and unfortunately she’s not really going to grow out of it, it’s a strong personality trait with her, she’s a truth teller. I love it when I meet 4 year olds at work and they tell me their family history, they don’t filter anything and you can see the parents squirming

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